Learn How To:Marathon Training Running

  • Create Daily Workout Schedules
  • Avoiding Injury
  • Find Your Optimal Target Zone Setting
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Meal Planning
  • Mind Set Conditioning
  • Pre-Race Strategies
  • Even Day Strategies
  • Event Day Planning
  • The Run
  • Beyond Endurance

Stu Mittleman is one of the World’s most respected and successful fitness educators and endurance athletes. Stu’s company, Worldultrafit, provides coaching, consulting, fitness evaluation, and personal training services to a wide variety of businesses, teams, and individuals. His uniquely effective training technologies have empowered clients to take charge of their fitness and health and begin moving into physical mastery with dramatic results.

Stu’s phenomenal career spans three decades and includes world record setting performances in ultra distance running, and international recognition as a top personal trainer and fitness coach. He is also a highly inspirational public speaker and seminar leader. One of clients includes peak performance expert and author, Anthony Robbins. Stu has also worked with actor Billy Baldwin, model Elle Macpherson and talk show host Regis Philbin.

In 1986 Stu set a world record for the 1000-mile run, covering the distance in 11 days. He currently holds the US record for The Six Day Run: 578 mile (96 miles a day). In 1994, Stu became the first and only American to win the prestigious 6-day race in La Rochelle, France. He has appeared on ABC News’ Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CBS Sports Saturday, The CBS Evening News, Good Day New York, ESPN, and CNN.

In 2000, Stu ran across America to raise awareness to obesity in children and ran an average of 52.27 miles a day for over 55 days for a total of 2927.20 miles. San Diego to New York.

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  • 4 Full Length CDs
  • Workbook (Downloadable PDF)
  • 1/2 Hour Private Coaching Session with Stu

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  • 4 Full Length MP3 format
  • Workbook (Downloadable PDF)
  • 1/2 Hour Private Coaching Session with Stu

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Additional Products and Support Material:


Lynco Sports Orthotic System                       


Medical Grade Sports Orthotic

Worn and recommended by Stu Mittleman

  • Immediate Support and Comfort for Low Arch Feet
  • Improves Balance and Body Alignment
  • Designed by a Team of Doctor’s and Pedorthiest’s
  • Controls pronation and balances rearfoot.
  • Without metatarsal support for those not suffering from ball-of-foot discomfort

Neutral – Normal Support

plus 4.95 Shipping

BodyPac Utility Belt

Reg $39.95


  • Size:  Small/Med  (waist < 34) Med/Large (waist > 34)
  • Color: Royal Blue / Black

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Marathon Mastery

Marathon Mastery Training DVD Sets