STU MITTLEMAN is a world record-setting endurance athlete, sought-after fitness coach, corporate spokesperson, and motivational speaker.

With degrees in Sociology, Sports Psychology, and Exercise Physiology, Stu initially settled in to a career in higher education, teaching college in and about the New York Metropolitan area (Queens College, Baruch College, and William Paterson College).

In 1982, after a successful 5-Year carrier as a college Instructor Stu and winning the US National 100-Mile Run Championship for the third consecutive time (setting an American record in each successive victory) Stu became the first National Spokesman for Gatorade Thirst quencher.

With support from Gatorade and eventually NIKE Sports – Stu entered the most successful phase of his running and media career. From 1982 1986, Stu set five additional  National records, most notably American records for the 100-Mile Run (12 hours 56 min), and the Six-Day Race (578 miles). In 1983, Stu successfully competed in the IronMan (Hawaii) World Triathlon Championships (73rd out of 1000) and the UltraMan (Double IronMan) World Triathlon Championships (2nd Place) in 1983.

Stu’s carrier reached a peak in 1986 when he shattered Siegfried Bauers (New Zealand) record World Record in the 1,000 Mile-Run during the World-Championships in Queens, NY. Stu 11 Days 20 Hours performance broke Siegfrieds record by over 16 hours! Thanks to the backing of Gatorade and Nike and bolstered by his own competitive success, Stu’s media portfolio grew exponentially:

He has appeared on ABC News’ Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CBS Sports Saturday, the CBS Evening News, Good Day New York, ESPN, and CNN. Soon after the completion of his 1,000 Mile World Record Run, Stu put a hold on his competitive running career and started his fitness training business.

By 1988, Stu had a huge following as a health and fitness coach, and opened up the Fitness Evaluation Center in downtown Manhattan. Soon, Stu’s evaluation and training methodologies became the talk of the town in New York City and eventually Stu’s operation moved into the first Equinox Sports Club, where he became Physiology Lab Director.

At Equinox, Stu had the honor and pleasure of working with such notable celebrities as: actor Billy Baldwin, model Elle Macpherson, and the late great sports journalist Dick Schaap.

During this period of time, Stu met the incredible Anthony Robbins. Stu and Tony instantly became friends and within months were working together at the newly designed Life Mastery University. As a faculty member and part of an elite coaching team at Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University beginning for 11 years (1991 2001), Stu was responsible for the physical testing and education of the tens of thousands of Life Mastery Participants over the next 11 years.

Stu finally completed his book, Slow Burn (Harper Collins) in 2000. Slow Burn details specific training, food choice, and mind set strategies that maximize energy, performance, and the ability to remain alert, focused, and productive for extended periods of time. Stu’s book, in its second printing, extols the virtues of training ones body to burn fat, reducing acidity and toxicity within the body, and developing an empowering mind set for success.

Stu did return to competitive running in 1994 and became the first and only American ever to win the prestigious 6-day race in La Rochelle, France. Six years later, in the summer of 2000, Stu decided to put his principles of endurance to the test, embarking on a 3,000-mile journey from San Diego to New York City. He finished in a remarkable 56 days! That’s more than two marathons a day for 56 consecutive days!

His “Journey Across America” (See: www.journeyacrossamerica.com) raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of causes that promote fitness and health for America’s children.

Stus company, WorldUltrafit, was founded in 1987, and continues to provide world-class training for the athletes and would be athletes of all ages and abilities. Stu’s core beliefs about what is possible rests on a certainty that EVERYONE has the potential to be extraordinary.

Stu lives with his three children, Beau, Mackenzie, and Alana Fayth, in Palm Desert, CA.

World Champion 1,000 Mile Run

1,000 Mile Run Queens, NY
New World Record
11 days 20 hours 36 min. 56 sec.
April 26-May 8, 1986

National Champion
and American Record Holder
100 Mile Run

1980, 1981, 1982
3 Consecutive American Records
12 hrs 56 mins 34 secs June 6, 1982

American Record Holder
6-Day Race Boulder, CO 577.75 miles
Dec 27, 1984 – Jan 2, 1985

World Indoor Six-day Race Championships
1994 first place: 536 miles
1983 second place: 571 miles
La Rochelle, France

Ultramarathoner of The Year
NY Road Runners Club
1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1993

Ultra-Performance of The Year
Ultrarunning Magazine
1982, 1985, 1986

Metropolitan Athletics Congress
(MAC) 50-Mile Champion
(1981, 1987, 1993)
Central Park, NYC
First Multiple Winner in 22 year
history of the Event
best time: 5 hours 24 min (1981)

Long Distance Championship of The World
The New Astley Belt 6-Day Race
San Diego, CA (1985)
first place: 534 miles

Ultraman Endurance Triathlon
Kona, Hawaii Dec 29 -31, 1983
6 mi Swim/ 235 mi Bike/52.4 mi Run
place: 2nd
Overall Time: 23 hrs 31 min 29 sec

Ironman World Triathlon Championship
Kona, Hawaii Sept 1983
1.2 mi Swim/ 112 mi Bike/26.2 mi Run
place: 73rd out of 1000
Time: 11 hours 8 Minutes

Hall of Fame
1986 ESPN’s Running and Racing

Sports Illustrated Award
Faces in the Crowd (1980, 1982)